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Legal or not, Cannabis has always been an main part of many peoples’ lives. For the longest time, despite being safer than Beer and Cigarettes, Cannabis earned a bad rap for being falsely categorized as a drug.

Now that Weed has been legalized for medical and recreational use across Canada, The sale of it is strongly regulated and taxed. This way it stays out of the hands of minor individuals and gangs can no longer profit off of illicit weed trade.

At Weedprox We’re committed to changing the way cannabis is perceived and we strongly believe that every adult in Canada should have access to Cannabis and all of the associated benefits that come with it.

Relief from back pain, severe anxiety, depression, insomnia and anorexia are just few of the many medical applications of this gorgeous herb. The best places to buy your weed are official weed dispensaries like ours, where the quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Cannabis Dosage

Before consuming any cannabis products (especially oils and edibles), be sure to double-check the potency and measure your dose properly for the best results If you are new or experimenting try it in a friendly environment with people you trust, especially when dosing mushrooms.


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Check out our online Cannabis dispensary and have your favorite THC and CBD products delivered to your doorstep. At Weedprox, we provide the premium quality Cannabis flowers, shroom, THC Vape Pen, at competitive prices!

Our top priority is to bring your cannabis experience with some of the finest strains you’ll come across.

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At WPX we rely on the quality of our product to speak for itself, every item is selected for look, taste and most importantly the desired effect.


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